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The Humanitarian Hoax Series: Killing America With Kindness​​​​​​​​

#1 HH in the Military 
#2 HH of Open Borders
#3 HH of Raising the Minimum Wage
#4 HH of Climate Change
#5 HH of Bullying Prevention
#6 HH of Diversity
#7 HH of Transgender in the Military
#8 HH of Victimhood
#9 HH of Sanctuary Cities
#10 HH of the Lone Wolf
#11 HH of Gun Control
#12 HH of Community Organizing
#13 HH of Socialism
#14 HH of George Soros
#15 HH of Unconditional Love
#16 HH of Relativism
#17 HH of Net Neutrality
#18 HH of Sanctuary States
#19 HH of Common Core
#20 HH of DACA
#21 HH of Collectivism
#22 HH of "For Your Own Good"
#23 HH of Multiple Realities
#24 HH of Globalism
#25 HH of the Federal Reserve System

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Dear America: Who's Driving The Bus? presents a straightforward philosophy of behavior that offers a useful paradigm to help us all live our lives as more rational and responsible adults. The book is a reminder that we are each individually the sum of our parts and that we are collectively a society that interacts with each of those parts.

To understand a group one must study the individuals who form that group. The psychological development of the individuals in society determines the nature and quality of life in that society. Understanding the psychological development within a society requires looking at individual patterns of behavior established in childhood that are reenacted, reinforced, or rejected in adulthood. The family remains the organizing principle through which early childhood learning takes place, and imitation remains the fundamental system for transferring information and forming behavior patterns in childhood. The philosophy of behavior as presented in Dear America is neither male nor female; it is simply human.

The question “Who’s driving the bus?” seeks to identify which part of us is making our decisions at any given moment. The answer to that question determines the quality of life in our society. The paradigm shows us how we can change the driver to a more rational and developed part of ourselves, thereby improving life in our society.

Dear America: Who's Driving the Bus?

ISBN: 978/0-578-07814-4
Price: $14.95
available on Amazon
I was inspired to write the first book, ​​​Mimi's STRATEGY: What to Do When Your Sister Takes Your Toys, after visiting my granddaughters and realizing that my five-year-old granddaughter needed some practical help in dealing with her two-year-old sister. She needed an alternate strategy to "Stop it! Don't grab that toy! You must share! Let her play with it! You are the big sister!" It seemed that everyone was upset after these squabbles. The older child was angry, the younger child was crying, and my daughter was extremely frustrated.

I explained the concept of having an alternate strategy to my granddaughter and even at five years old she understood it, was able to implement it, and marveled when it worked! She was giggling, her sister was laughing, and my daughter was relieved. The next morning I wrote the story down. It occurred to me that there must be many young families who could benefit from an alternate strategy as well. I continued writing more stories for the series energized by the success of Mimi’s strategies and because I have yet to meet the child who would prefer a reprimand to a kiss.

Mimi's STRATEGIES are educational and offer young children a universal new way of solving their problems and having their needs met. There are 30 stories in the Mimi’s STRATEGY series to date. The stories are short and simple with the emphasis on the main character's growth outward in concentric circles from her nuclear family setting to her broader school environment. Learning to think strategically rather than reacting emotionally is a valuable problem solving skill that will empower any child throughout his/her life.

Being resourceful, thinking independently, and behaving assertively are American behavior traits that have been deliberately disparaged by the indoctrination of the Left toward passivity, collectivism, and groupthink. Common Core is steering a generation of children toward socialism rather than motivating them toward individual thinking, achievement, American exceptionalism, and the fairness of a meritocracy. The Culture War on America begins in elementary school.

My niece read Mimi’s STRATEGIES to her elementary school students to field test their appeal. The kids loved the stories and started voting on favorites to determine which story she would read the next day. Reading the stories aloud launched lively discussions with the children about their own experiences, how they had reacted in the past, and how they could choose a different response in the future using Mimi’s STRATEGIES!

Selected stories are currently in development being illustrated and prepared for publication. Watch for the first five books to be released very soon.

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Mimi's STRATEGY: What to Do When Your Sister Takes Your Toys.

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