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Mimi's STRATEGY: What to Do When Your Sister Takes Your Toys                                         © Linda Goudsmit​

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Hildy who lived in the country with her Mama her Papa and her little sister Francesca.

Hildy loved Francesca and Hildy loved being Francesca's big sister but SOMETIMES Hildy got into trouble!!

I will tell you why.

Francesca loved Hildy and wanted to be just like Hildy.

Francesca wanted to do whatever Hildy did.

Francesca wanted to go wherever Hildy went.

Francesca wanted to say whatever Hildy said.

Francesca wanted to sing whatever Hildy sang.

.....and read whatever Hildy read.

But most of all Francesca wanted to play with Hildy's toys!!!

Hildy loved to play with Francesca but Hildy did NOT like it when Francesca took her toys.

What was Hildy supposed to do?

First Hildy tried grabbing her toy back. 

"WHAAAA!!!" Francesca started wailing!!

When Mama heard Francesca crying she ran into the room and said, "Hildy, you are the big sister! You CANNOT grab the toy!!

Next Hildy tried using her words. "Francesca, that is MY toy you cannot have it."

"WHAAAA!!!" Francesca started wailing again.

When Mama heard Francesca crying again she ran into the room and said, "Hildy, you are the big sister! You have to share!!"

Next Hildy tried taking turns.

"WHAAAA!!!" Francesca just kept on screaming, "MINE! MINE! MINE!"

When Mama heard Francesca screaming she ran into the room and said, "Hildy, now you are going into time out!"

Being in time out made Hildy VERY sad and VERY angry. It seemed that no matter how hard Hildy tried she could not get it right.

THEN she remembered Mimi's STRATEGY!!!

Mimi was Hildy's grandmother who lived far far away in Florida. When Mimi came to visit she said to Hildy, "Hildy, you need a STRATEGY!"

"What is a strategy Mimi?"

"A strategy is a plan darling."

"What is my plan Mimi?"

"You love your sister, right?"

"Right Mimi."

"When you play with your sister she takes your toys, right?"

"Right Mimi."

"When you grab them back YOU get into trouble, right?"

"Right Mimi."

"Hildy, the next time Francesca takes your toy I want you to STOP and think STRATEGY. Instead of grabbing your toy back I want you to give Francesca a different toy. When you give Francesca a different toy she will let go of your toy. Try it. That is your plan Hildy."

The very next day Hildy and Francesca were playing with their toys.

Hildy had her bunny and Francesca had her frog.

Suddenly Francesca reached out and took Hildy's bunny. 


Just as Hildy was about to grab her bunny back she STOPPED and remembered Mimi's STRATEGY!

Hildy looked to her right and Hildy looked to her left and Hildy saw Francesca's ducky.

Hildy picked up the ducky and gave it to Francesca.

"DUCKY! DUCKY!" Francesca picked up her ducky and dropped Hildy's bunny.

When Mama heard the commotion she ran into the room and hugged and kissed Hildy, "You are such a good big sister Hildy! I am very very proud of you!" 

Hildy was SO happy!

When Hildy used her new STRATEGY she got her toy back, she did not get into trouble, and her Mama was very proud of her!

So if your little sister takes your toys and you end up in trouble I think you should try Mimi's STRATEGY too.

                                                                                                                         THE END